What is WordPress?

WordPress is a software platform used to build websites on. It is the most popular platform used for blogging and gets updated frequently (about once every 1-2 months). It can also be used as a Content Management System CMS and the best part is:

It’s FREE!!


The standard HTML and CSS languages are still used to construct the website, however another coding language called php is used. This acts as a middle man and “calls” the website HTML code from the hosting database (data storage) and displays it on your browser when you type in the web address e.g. “www.giantsizemedia.co.uk”.

Why use WordPress?

Firstly, as mentioned above, it’s FREE! Secondly, it has the most user friendly admin area out of all the major 3 free platforms (WordPress.org, Joomla.orgDrupal.org). What this means is that when a user wants to edit/create/delete etc a page on their website, they do not need to know ANY CODE. It is as simple as editing a Microsoft Word document.


We have selected a few featured clients that we have provided wordpress web design services for. You can see examples by going to our Website Portfolio.


Our wordpress websites start from £250 for the design. This is the “skeleton” of the website where all the universal elements are designed and then coded to make the wordpress template. There are however many aspects to a website like:

  • Graphics – Images, Icons etc.
  • Logo Design – If a business doesn’t have a logo and needs one.
  • Content – All the text that goes into describing what the business is about.
  • Photographs – Photographs of the premises, services, products etc a business has to offer.
  • Responsive/Mobile Friendly Design – Optimising a website to be viewed by a mobile device.

The more of these aspects that a business can supply us with, the less costly the website design will be. To get a better idea of what your business website would need, please get in touch with us by either calling GsM on 01204 860 679 or by filling the form above out and we will get back in contact with you as soon as we can.