Mobile/Responsive WordPress Web Design

With the increase of smartphones and tablets (the global statistics are 4 phones to every 1pc) the need for all businesses to have a mobile friendly website is ever so important. The main statistics by Google are that 67% would be more encouraged to buy if the website was mobile friendly whilst 61% would exit the site if it wasn’t mobile friendly. Click Here for the full report.

We provide these 2 types of optimisation for mobile devices. These are:

  1. Mobile Optimisation Plugin – This is a premium wordpress plugin that produces a mobile and tablet optimised template and takes the content from the desktop verion.
  2. Responsive Web Design – This is where Giant Size Media will design a new website, or re-design an existing website to be adaptable to desktop and mobile without changing any of the initial design. A Responsive design will change shape and size in order to accommodate the different screen sizes of desktop, mobile and tablet.
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Below is an example from one of our clients’ websites. Both the mobile and desktop versions are displayed for you to see the difference. This is how the premium plugin performs:

AUL Mobile Optimised Site
AUL Desktop Site

This demonstrates the easy navigation and great user experience when visiting the mobile version of our clients’ website. If the desktop site was present instead, the visitor would have to zoom in and out etc, get frustrated and would be more inclined to leave.


The costs of mobile web design vary depending on the amount of pages that need to be optimised and the amount of work that needs to be done. With the plugin, the cost starts at £149. The responsive website design however starts at the source: the initial coding. The cost on this depends on the complexity of the project.

If your website is getting quite a number of visits from mobile phones and tablets but it is not optimised for these devices your business is probably losing visitors/potential customers. Get in touch with us to maximize the traffic retention of your business online and capitalize on this opportunity. Simply fill in the form above or call us on 01204 860 679.