Off-Page SEO

This is the 2nd aspect of the Search Engine Optimisation process. To increase the rankings of a web page, other relevant web pages need to link to it. A link can be anything from an image to a line of text (E.g. link). It acts as a “vote” for the web page it links to. Just as a presidential election is won by the quality and quantity of votes, the same is mostly true when it comes to “winning” a 1st page ranking in the search engines.

GsM uses a variety of link building techniques and strategies such as tiered linking, link baiting, link outreach to name but a few. These ensure that we provide relevant quality backlinks that will increase the search engine rankings of our client’s websites. As mentioned on our SEO page, a page 1 ranking in Google is where the largest per cent of traffic is. Achieving this for our clients means increased exposure to potential customers searching for their products/services, and an increase in business. No wonder our business is growing from client recommendations.

Competition and Keyword Research

These 2 factors determine the amount of potential visitors a website can receive and the amount of work required to beat the competition. The first stage is Keyword Research. This involves talking to our clients about their business and finding keywords that their customers are using when searching for their types of products/services. We can see how many people are searching for these keywords on average a month and are able to predict the amount of traffic a website would get depending on its position.

The second stage is Competition Research. We take a look at the competition and how well they have optimised their website for the keywords that we are looking to target. Depending on the amount of competitors and how well their SEO is for their websites we will advise our clients and let them know whether a keyword is worth targeting or not and what their ROI is expected to be.


We have a couple of pricing structure models. The first one is combines with our On-Page SEO to be a complete SEO package. This is usually for newly built websites or websites that have never had any SEO performed on them before. The amount of work required for On-Page SEO differs from website to website, so please contact us on 01204 860 679 for a custom price.

Our second pricing structure involves purely link building:

Package #1

£199 pm

50 Article Directory Submissions

50 Blog Comments

15 Public Web 2.0 Blog Posts

50 Social Bookmarks

75 Wiki Submissions

Package #2

£299 pm

100 Article Directory Submissions

100 Blog Comments

30 Public Web 2.0 Blog Posts

100 Social Bookmarks

150 Wiki Submissions

3 Web 2.0 Property Creations

Package #3

£399 pm

150 Article Directory Submissions

150 Blog Comments

60 Public Web 2.0 Blog Posts

150 Social Bookmarks

400 Wiki Submissions

6 Web 2.0 Property Creations

5 400-word Press Releases

Package #4

£499 pm

200 Article Directory Submissions

200 Blog Comments

120 Public Web 2.0 Blog Posts

200 Social Bookmarks

800 Wiki Submissions

9 Web 2.0 Property Creations

10 400-word Press Releases

4 Video Creation and Submissions

After selecting which package you would like, you will be directed to our success page to enter in your URL and keywords. We provide help and support if you require it. Please use our contact us page or call us on 01204 860 679.