Ethical SEO Services

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of ranking a webpage higher in the search engines for specific key terms (also known as keywords). Keywords are specific words and phrases that people type into the search engines like Google when they have a “question” that needs answering.

Research shows that on average, 89.82% of clicks are distributed through the 10 results on page one of Google and 10.18% are for page 2. If your business is selling a product or service, page one is where the majority of hits take place and thus sales. If you are on page 3, you might as well not exist.

This is where GsM comes in. We break the process down into 2 parts:

  • On-page SEO – This is where we optimise the content and website structure in general on your website to make Google better understand what your page and “theme” is about.
  • Off-page SEO – This is where we build reputation to your website by using other web properties and getting them to link to you. This process is called link building or backlinking.

We analyze the business you are in and together we assemble a list of keywords that are to be targeted for SEO. We do advise on keyword difficulty and viability to make sure that your ROI is as high as possible.

How much will this cost me?

You are probably asking this question. The simple answer is: it depends. Keywords are not created equal. Keyword x has 10,000 searches a month and is quite competitive, whereas keyword y has 1,000 and is fairly easy to rank for. Logically, keyword x will take longer, will be harder to rank for and will work out to be more expensive to rank for than keyword y because of the above mentioned variables.

This is where we take a look at your budget and see whether the traffic increase, if ranked on page 1 of Google, of keyword x will bring in enough business to make keyword x qualify as a good ROI candidate.


There are some software and agencies out there that provide cheap SEO services, and if you decide that you would like to go down that path that’s fine, however SEO is and should be considered by your business as a long term strategy. Google changes it’s ranking algorithm around 300-400 times a year. Most of these are very minor changes but there are 2-3 times a year where a major update is released and rankings change quite significantly.

If your business has “bad neighbourhood”/”spammy” links pointing to your website, this will certainly affect your rankings in Google by getting your website penalized and literally can put you out of business overnight due to a drop off the first page of Google resulting in major loss of traffic and customers.

Here at Giant Size Media, we pride ourselves in having a SEO Company that provides a fair and affordable price in every service we provide. If your business is in need of any SEO services like the above mentioned, or Local SEO, we would love to speak with you. Simply fill the form in above to the left, or give us a call on 01204 860 679.