What is Local SEO?

A lot of businesses provide their products/services to a specific geographic area. For example a painter and decorator company in Manchester will most likely only cater for business in the local Manchester area/North West of the UK, and not in the London area.

GsM provide local SEO services to these type of businesses in order to increase their online presence to potential customers who are performing area specific searches for their services.

97% of consumers search for local businesses online*

83% of the people using local search then follow up their research with offline action – store visits, phone calls, emails or purchases**


The main difference is in the term “local”. SEO is  usually more general and doesn’t only focus on area specific key terms, whereas local SEO is focused on increasing the online visibility for specific local areas that the business is operating in. These key terms are usually started or followed by a city/town name where the person who is looking for these services lives. E.g. “painter and decorator manchester” would be a local phrase searched for.

The 2 main variables that change a lot when comparing local SEO to SEO is the traffic and conversions. Because local SEO is area specific, the number of people (traffic) looking for local businesses is less than general/nationwide searches of businesses. The conversions however are mostly higher with are specific keywords as the person looking for services/products in their area tend to go with local businesses.


GsM provide a variety of local SEO methods to get your business listed in the local listings of search engines.

local seo services image
  • Correct contact information on company website such as physical address, phone, email,
  • Linking Social Profiles with the business website
  • Local Directory listings such as Google Places
  • Local Niche Directory listings relevant to the business

These are just some of the methods we employ on our client’s websites in order to get them listed in the search engine local listings (see picture above) which in turn increases their traffic to their website, increasing leads/sales for their business.


We know that every business is different, and this is the same when it comes to local businesses looking for local SEO services. Our packages are customised to meet the needs of each individual business so price will vary depending on the traffic and competition levels of the local keywords selected.

Our starting price is £99 which is for businesses who are looking to take those first steps to having an online local presence. For a FREE review of your business website, please fill in the form provided or call us on 01204 860 679 and we will be happy to assist you in achieving local SEO success.