What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing (or SMM) is the “word-of-mouth” of the internet. It is another internet marketing method used by businesses to increase their brand awareness and trust amongst existing and potential customers using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

92% of people trust word of mouth from friends and family*

If someone “likes” a brand on Facebook there’s a 65% chance their close friends will “like” it too**

How GsM uses Social Media Marketing for your Business

We have a variety of options when it comes to socially marketing your business.

  • Our in-house software allows us to connect a number of social profiles together into one dashboard for our clients. This saves on time taken to log into each social account and organises all social profiles so that they are viewable and accessible from one point.
  • We are able to post useful and engaging content to your business’s social media accounts in order to create a “buzz” and to encourage “likes”, followers, tweets, retweets, +1’s etc.
  • We are also able to use PPC in social media sites to target your business’s target audience using demographics that are built into the social site’s advertising program.
  • We provide you with full analytics reports as to the progress of your business’s social media campaign and the exposure and attraction it is receiving.

Strategic SMM Implementation

Here are GsM we know that people are not all the same. Not all markets interact in the same way. Some will be highly active on the social media scene whilst others not as much. Some will focus a lot on social media recommendations when making buying decisions and conduct a lot of pre-purchase research by asking questions and searching the “conversations” that their market is having.

Depending on the amount of SMM factors your business chooses to implement, we are able to “dig deep” and find key people in your business’s market place that influence the market greatly and reach out to connect with them. This gives your business the advantage of having a figure of “authority“, an expert in the field associated with your business, which in turn builds trust with your target customers.

We take this as a good base point to start with and build upon it using our in-house tools, knowledge and strategies to implement a social media marketing plan that will change your business’s social profiles from a hardly visited/hardly talked about profile into a more engaging, trustworthy go-to source that the market looks for when searching for the answers they need.

Social Media Marketing Pricing

SMM pricing varied depending on a few factors like:

  • Amount of social profiles to be taken on,
  • Amount of interaction required with each social profile and what level of interaction is required,
  • Amount of research needed when “digging deep” to find key people that influence the market your business is in,
  • Whether PPC adverts are required in the social networking sites, number of PPC adverts to be placed and number of social networking sites where PPC adverts are created.
social media marketing smm

These are some of the factors taken into account when producing a pricing plan and SMM structure for your business. Prices start at £99 set up and £50 per month for social profile creation and monthly social media activity. Please call us on 01204 860 679 for more information about our social media marketing packages, or fill out the above enquiry form.