PPC Management Services

GsM provides pay per click management services to clients who want to see instant results in their online marketing efforts, want to test out current and new areas of traffic generation and who want to be able to have time to run their business and not get caught up with the time consuming process of PPC campaign set up and everything that comes with it.

What is PPC?

Another form of internet marketing is PPC (or Pay-Per-Click). It is an advertising platform mainly provided by search engines like Google. It is a system where you only pay for a visitor when they have clicked on your advert. Your advert is some text to entice the viewer to click on it to view your website and perform a desired action, be it a purchase, entering their email address or anything else.

The PPC system works by allowing you to “bid” on an unlimited number of keywords. E.g. if your business revolved around storage solutions for students and you had a large storage facility in Bolton, you would want to bid on the phrase “student storage bolton”. Depending on the amount of competition your business has in the area (i.e. how many other businesses are bidding for that phrase) your bid for that phrase would vary.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

The position of your advert in the search engine sponsored results depends on how much you are bidding for the phrase you are targeting; the cost. Thus, each time your advert gets clicked on, the search engine will charge you that cost; cost-per-click (CPC).

The CPC is calculated by the search engines and can be lowered depending on your “quality score“. This is a scoring system devised by the search engines that revolves around how relevant your advert is to the key phrase targeted and how good your web page or “landing page” (the page that the visitor would “land on”) is in order to drive some form of conversion.

How effectively manage PPC Campaigns?

The main benefit is that our clients get more out of their money spent on PPC marketing.

  • Increase in traffic which increases custom,
  • Decrease in cost which increases profit,
  • Insights into which keywords are the most profitable which means a better decision when using another marketing technique (such as SEO) to target specific keywords,
  • The greatest of them all: TIME. Time freed up to run your business.
PPC pay per click strategies

If your business is in need of effective PPC management services, contact GsM using the form provided above or by calling us on 01204 860 679 and we will be happy to assist you.