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facebook like iconWe are very excited to announce a freebie as our first blog post! What is it I hear you say? Well, if you haven’t guessed it by the title, we have created a Facebook application that allows you to make multiple posts to multiple friends/groups/pages, all with a few ticks and clicks of a mouse button.

Why and how will this help my business?

Does your business have a facebook page? Are you involved in social media marketing with facebook? Do you communicate with your audience often? These are all questions that business owners should be asking themselves as facebook and social networks in general are a major source of traffic. They are the “word of mouth” of the digital world and thus traffic that arrives at your facebook page by recommendation has then a higher % chance of visiting your business website and performing some sort of desired action, be it an enquiry, a phone call or even a purchase.

Lets look at an example:

Imagine you are a local bakery shop that makes all sorts of bread, pastry, cakes etc foodstuffs. You have a facebook page that you use to promote your business to your local community and you have spent some time in building up a local following of people that like the quality of your goods and also act as a “word of mouth” referral when it comes to the offline world.

You want to ensure repeat custom from your current customers and entice new customers to visit your shop or place a phone order for your goods so you offer various promotional prices like 2 for 1 and other such methods. You want to make people aware of your promotions etc so you post facebook statuses on your page which shows people who have “liked” your page your status on a 2 for 1 promotion for example.

This does increase awareness and potential custom but there is a problem:

  • Exposure – The only people who can see your status update on your page are the people that have “liked” your page. Plus, they can only see it if they are logged into facebook at the time of posting and notice their home feed change. Most people don’t have the email notification of a status update from a page they like turned on.

To combat this problem of exposure, you may want to post the 2 for 1 offer to all your friends that are on the personal account, to local groups that you have joined and to local pages that you have “liked”. This sure does create a lot more exposure for your business and your offer and potential new customers becoming returning ones, but then you run into another problem:

  • Time – If you are like me and have joined hundreds of groups and “liked” many pages and have many “facebook friends”, the process of posting the same message to all these people becomes a VERY lengthy and time consuming one.

It has taken me in the past up to 3 hours to post my message to all my friends/groups/pages that are on my account and by the end of it my brain was fried.

Imagine being able to write your message and then select the groups/pages/friends you wanted to post your message to by just ticking a box next to their name/picture and then clicking the “Post” button and have your message sent out to all your groups/friends/pages in your account that accept posts.

The time saved will be a phenomenal amount (for me it would have been 3 hours) which can be better used by running your business.

UPDATE: It seems Facebook doesn’t like the current app for some reason. Please CLICK HERE (link removed) for the app that works.

Go to GsM Fbposter (link removed) for more. Click on the images below for a preview.

UPDATE 2: We are closing down the tool as we are having problems with it. We are in the process of making a new one so if you would like to be notified, please let us know.

UPDATE 3: We have found a tool that does a great job at a really affordable price. Click here to find out more.

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  1. Hello,

    I’ need your help admin. Every blogger create site for help people. I need your help. I need to contact with you.
    You know facebook is the easiest way to contact with people, so please take my facebook id and send me friend request so i can talk to you easily.

    ***If accept your request then please say that you’re the and and ypu can help me for auto poster***

    My FB Profile: http://facebook.com/enjamul.earner

    • Hi Enjamul,

      What exactly is it that you need help with? The fb autoposter is pretty simple. You just click on the facebook button and enter your details to log in. You are then directed to a page where all your friends/pages/groups etc are displayed. You then type a message and tick the boxes that represent which friends/pages/groups etc you want that message to be sent and hit the “send” key.

  2. What a great app! Many Facebook users are experiencing the same problem when it comes to posting updates on multiple groups. This freebie of yours will surely make getting the word out to customers much more quicker and easier.


  3. Hi the connect button brings a popup for about 2 seconds then doesn’t do anything??

    Also does this script send to EVERY group in your list? does it get round the whole spamming problem I,.e I have about 150 groups I post to every couple of weeks, and it takes about a day to do it, with this will it 1000% not ban me?

    • Hi Darren. Yeah, it didn’t do anything as the API key was wrong. That has been fixed so it should work now. It will post to every group that you select (if you have permission to post on that group’s wall). In regards to spam, I would say it’s the same rule as anything, DON’T SPAM :). It is just a tool, so it is up to you how you use it. If you use it for spam, then you might get banned, if you use it wisely and provide value, then there shouldn’t be a reason for a ban.

  4. Hello Yannis, have been trying your apps can post really well but there is no image appear on my post.

    Do i do something wrong Yanis??, do i need certain image size or else??. And how to make blue background instead grey background on my post??

    Tx in advance

    • Hi bilal. Yeah, Facebook kept deleting the app for some reason. I have created a new app in a different account. Hopefully it will be permanently fixed. Thanks.

    • Hello shona. It has happened with me too unfortunately. It may be down to a number of reasons the most common that i have found is that too many groups are selected etc, or the groups that you have selected don’t allow you to post on them. It is a free app so it’s not going to be perfect unfortunately. Thanks.

    • Hello Teresa. Yeah, facebook kept deleting our app for some reason so I have re-created it using a different account. Hopefully it is fixed now.

    • Hello Dave. Yeah, facebook kept deleting our app for some reason so I have re-created it using a different account. Hopefully it is fixed now.

  5. When trying to sign in with Face Book this is the message i get…

    Error Accessing App
    We’re sorry, but the application you’re trying to use doesn’t exist or has been disabled.

    Will this be fixed soon??

    • Hello Nancy. Yeah, facebook kept deleting our app for some reason so I have re-created it using a different account. Hopefully it is fixed now.

    • Hello neerox. Yeah, facebook kept deleting our app for some reason so I have re-created it using a different account. Hopefully it is fixed now.

  6. Hi, Thanks for this script. I am trying to make it to work for me. I hosted this on my server and updated app id,secret and site url.

    I am able to connect and it shows all my contacts. When I hit the post button, it processes and displays “Successfully posted to the selected walls”. But, it is not actually showing up in the facebook wall and groups. It is not throwing any error.

    Am I missing anything?

    • Hi Deepak. That’s strange. I would say to re-try it and select less walls and groups and see what happens then. Sometimes the groups that you are trying to post to don’t actually allow you to post on them so maybe that is the reason?

    • Hello Gaurav. Yeah, facebook kept deleting our app for some reason so I have re-created it using a different account. Hopefully it is fixed now.

    • Hello Lynne. Yes it should do. Bare in mind it is a free app and wasn’t designed to compete with paid apps that are much more powerful. Give it a go if you like and see what happens.

      Sidenote: Just as I have experienced and some other people, if you try to post to groups that don’t allow you to post it will still say post successful but your post won’t be on the group. Thanks.

  7. Hi..may i know the way of attaching picture? i copy and paste the url of picture to the picture’s blank but it show nothing. Please give me a clear guide. Thanks

  8. I got thi massage when im going to connect
    App Not Setup: The developers of this app have not set up this app properly for Facebook Login.

  9. Hi I’m Trying to connect with Facebook but coming up error saying ‘app not set up currently with facebook, unable to login’ any help ?

    • Hello Sewa,
      Appologies for our app not working. We have taken it offline as we are working on other things.
      We have found a great tool that does what our app did and more. Click here to check it out

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